DATE 01/03/2015



Before the congress man arrival at 1pm, members of MINCAM leadership met at Bandana and collectively arrange and helped decorating the hall from 10am to 12:30pm

The event started at exactly 1pm as stated. The Congressman entourage was made up of one Aid staff and the Imam of Minneapolis. Some other dignitaries present during the event were Mr Jack Hoeschler (the previous owner of CCC), Mohammed Rabio (Obuntu holder) and some elders in our community. The moderator of the day was the eloquent Florence Njoyi  (MINCAM SG), she  began by welcoming everybody and later presenting a rundown of the program for the day as follow below.


-The Imam started with a lesson on peace to our community and later congratulating every member of our community for their effort in realizing the giant CCC. He further acknowledged in his prayers that May ALLAh give us MINCAMERS the will to main and sustain our magnificent community center.

-Pastor Paul Ngongang also followed with a strong Christian invocation calling to our lord Jesus Christ and savior to touch the heart of every MINCAMERS so that we can commune  our efforts big or small in order for help support and sustain the great peace and love that exist between us and  CCC.

Both National anthems were sand by everybody and some good loba songs from auntie Elizabeth and Auntie Melisa.

Welcome presentation from the president, BOD Chair and Rep Assembly Chair

Dr Robert Ndifor welcomed the congressman and his entourage, presented the members of the MINCAM Executive and later presented a comprehensive message about Cameroon, history of MINCAM and how we ended up acquiring the community center. The chairman of the BOD Mr Steve Ndeley also presented the members of the BOD and lastly Mr Ngu Derick also presented some of the members of the Rep Assembly and its constituency within MINCAM.

Dr Chritian Akale introduced the Congressman with a unique theme as “a man who is fighting to make sure that our dreams are not trampled upon”

Word from the Congressman

The congressman started by commenting MINCAM for having the Largest and most presentable Community Center in the state among all other Immigrant communities in Minnesota. He was very impressed with our achievement. He mentioned that things like this do not come easy, it is not easy and it will not be easy for us to manage such a magnificent center but he encouraged us to do everything in our capacity to keep it sound until sustainability. Some of the topics he commented on were immigration and immigrants, education, income inequality, social justices, the evolution of America civil right movement and also what home is! (The place where we live and raise our children. He urges us all to participate in the socio political process of transforming America because this is our Home)

He later took three questions from the public and promised MINCAM that he will help tell our stories to other political dignitaries in the state. He also provided us with information on how we can make ourselves useful for other politician by voting and keeping track of our numbers.

Closing remark.

Mr Steve Ndeley, presented a note about the history of Cameroon and later recognizing Jack Hoeschler in our Mist. Mr. Hoeschler was very happy with the recognitions he had from MINCAM and Keith Ellison

The congressman was later presented a tour around the building which he was very impress with the size and the architecture of the building.

It was lately followed by light refreshment which was made up of a verity of Cameroon dishes (1/1000) of cameroon dishes.

Also a lame-dog-version of MINCAM fundraising drive also took place while refreshment and entertainment was going which gave raise $631 and $150 in pledges.

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